Summer tights for a natural look

Summer tights for a natural look

As soon as the first warm spring day arrives, many women get stressed. What you could hide so wonderfully with trousers and thick tights, will now be open and exposed. The best solution is the summer tights!

Suddenly it's time, we've been waiting for it for ages, but then the temperature shoots up, the sun shines and finally our body comes to life again. Summer clothes are coming out again, and off you go, skirt day!

Summer tights give your legs a natural look

Get good advice about the color that best suits your skin color. Your legs should not be lighter or darker than your arms and face. Everything in one color gives the most natural look. Summer tights have an invisible toe piece so you can also wear them in open shoes. There are even summer tights without a toe piece so that your beautifully painted toenails look even more beautiful and natural. If you hate tights, you can also take a look at the summer stay-ups, no pants, no seams, an ideal solution for many women.

The 5 benefits of summer tights

1. Ultra-thin and natural

2. Transparent or no toe piece

3. Not warm to wear

4. Hygienic ventilating gusset

5. Without sun or solarium, a natural color

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