Wake up with hydrated skin

Wake up with hydrated skin

Always apply a day cream to clean skin

Day creams are lightweight creams that are quickly absorbed by the skin and maintain moisture levels throughout the day. Make-up also stays on better when a day cream is used. Protecting against UV rays, air pollution, but also the blue light from your computer and phone, is the job of a day cream.

A tip! Do not forget to apply the cream under your eyes and on the outer edge of your ear. The skin in these areas is very thin and sensitive, which means that it can burn quickly.


Night creams are generally thicker and richer creams with the task of repairing your skin. The cream contains a higher concentration of ingredients, which can be optimally absorbed by the skin. At night, the skin recovers: new cells are created that replace the dead cells. The rich night cream is absorbed slowly and gradually, so you wake up with hydrated skin. A night cream gives your skin a boost, thanks to a rich number of nourishing and natural ingredients!
The same applies to a night cream: apply to clean skin and do not use too thick a layer, this makes it more difficult to be absorbed properly by the skin because a night cream already has a 'fuller' composition.

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