How to outbid the competition out of their ad position on Facebook Ads

How to outbid the competition out of their ad position on Facebook Ads

How to outbid the competition out of their ad position on Facebook Ads

In this article, we will show you how to steal sales from "sheep" who are only running one or two campaigns on autobids

These people spend more than $50k per day on Facebook and literally have no manual bid setup.

This is where we hop in, to disrupt their stability 


We do this by getting a higher position in the news feed and getting the algorithm to show our ads before our competitors. 

IMPORTANT: If you are not pumping out really good creatives and don't already have winning ads, then this won't work.

Get a good ad quality score first.

Now that we have that out of the way. 

Two things that get you a higher position on the ad placements:

1. Spend Throttling

2. Higher Bids

We are going to cover both.

Spend Throttling:

Schedule your ads to go live at around 4-5 AM and not at midnight. This will force the algorithm to spend your budget quicker because whatever the daily budget is, Facebook needs to spend it by 12AM the next day, so you get a good headstart.

Higher Bids: 

This is where it gets fun. Either use bid caps or cost caps with this strategy.

Step 1: Segment your winning ads into a dummy campaign.

Step 2: Create a new campaign and set up your adsets as below:

Cost Cap/ Bid Cap:

  • Target CPA x 5
  • Target CPA x 10
  • Target CPA x 15

Set it up this way with your best-performing ads

Example: CPA = $50

Your Bid is going to be, $250, $500, $750

Step 3:

Budget:  Each adset should be 5x your CPA at least and it will spend, so make sure you have money to spend in the first 3 days, cause after a few days it's gonna make you a lot of money really quickly and your competitor are going to turn their ads off.

Step 4: Schedule your campaign around 4-5 AM midnight

If nobody sees your ad, they can't charge you, so they have to put your ads up in the news feed to charge you more money faster so it will throttle spending really quickly


After you launch this campaign, it will spend your budget 100% because we have put the bids so high, that pretty much nobody is doing it. 


You won't make any money for the next 3-4 days so you have to have patience in order for this to work, most advertisers turn their bad-performing ads off in 3 days, so then your costs are going to drop much quicker so have patience. You will lose some but you will win a lot more

Higher CTR:

The effect of this strategy is going to play out in every aspect. You will have a higher CTR because of the positions that we are stealing from your competitors.


You are going to literally halve your CPA within a week if you don't turn off your ads before your competitors. Again, just have patience.

Good luck!!

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