How to spend MORE with Facebook ads

How to spend MORE with Facebook ads

This is how to spend MORE with Facebook ads...


Launch your ads Worldwide and change the language to suit the country or region.

For targeting... Hit individual countries and regions, but keep interests completely broad.


Use this FB campaign structure to scale spending to the moon...

"The Bid Mitigation strategy"

  • 1X ABO Campaign (Testing)
  • 1X CBO Campaign (Scaling)
  • 1X Min ROAS campaign (Maintaining)
  • 1X Cost Cap campaign (Stabilising)

New Opportunity

Develop and launch a TikTok UGC campaign... If your product has the right market fit this can be insanely profitable.

Launch your most successful TikTok creatives across Facebook.

You'll quickly learn how Facebook is NOT dead.


A store will make you a million, A brand will make you a billion.

Allocate 20% of your capital straight back into effective branding exercises.

Start with developing a powerful mission statement and use it as the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.

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