Honey, will you light the bbq?

Honey, will you light the bbq?

We can tell you.. that the job is done in no time with the right accessories. Ever thought of an EGGniter? Fantastic and now indispensable in many households. A lighter and blower in one. With the right firelighters, it really is a piece of cake. Do you also think about the protective cover, do you also clean the young one neatly with a brush? And did you know that cutting with a good knife makes your perfect piece of meat even more tender? You probably still have it in your drawer somewhere, right?


BBQ stands and accessories

Have you already thought about what your BBQ will be on? Are you looking for another base? Take a look around in the wonderful world of bbq accessories. There are really many things that make your ultimate BQQ experience even better!

Bring Italy into your home

Turn your bbq into a pizza oven with the special accessories for the ceramic barbecue! It does require some knowledge, because you don't become a real pizza baker just like that (I speak from experience) but if that self-rolled and topping pizza comes out crispy, then the euphoric feeling transcends all frustration and you really NEVER want a freezer again or home delivery pizza.

I dare you, I double dare you.
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