7 Google Ads Hacks To Boost Your Conversion Rate And Increase Your Revenue

7 Google Ads Hacks To Boost Your Conversion Rate And Increase Your Revenue

Hack #1: Optimize Quality Score

Your Quality Score impacts your click-through rate and ad ranking in a big way.

Google actually rewards high QS advertisers with lower CPC and higher ad position


Hack #2: Write Insane Ads that Appeal to Emotions

Of course, you don’t want to write bad ads.

You probably don’t even think your ads are all that bad.


Half of the ads are average or below-average performers.


Hack #3: Optimize for Mobile

Half of all searches come from a mobile device.

The greatest opportunity here for AdWords advertisers is the Click-to-Call button.


Hack #4: Run Ads on Competitor's keywords

It is one of the most practical Google Ads hacks that would not only help you get more clicks on your landing page...

But also increase the ROI of your PPC campaign...

And help you to stay ahead of your competitors.


Hack #5: Geotargeting

Don’t lose traffic to your store by ignoring your Ad optimization according to the location.

Geo-targeting helps you find your ideal customer by assessing his behavior.

Based on your visitors’ location...

You can also create custom ad content for them.


Hack #6: Add Negative Keywords

Negative keywords help you to determine:

1. Whom to target

2. Whom not to

It helps you to exclude search terms in your campaign...

Which are irrelevant or do not need to be shown to your customers.


Hack #7: Draft Touchy Insane Ads

This Google Ad hack is one of my favorites.

Always remember what strikes you, will always be there in your mind.

Draft compelling ad copies by...

Adding an emotional touch to your advertisements.

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